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Center for Community Engagement
University of Mississippi

Melissa Jones: Trent Lott Leadership Institute

Katie Busby: Institutional Research, Effectiveness, & Planning

Annie Cafer: Community First Research Center for Wellbeing & Creative Achievement (CREW) / Sociology and Anthropology

Tammy Dempsey: University of Mississippi Medical Center, Community Engagement & Service Learning

Allison Ford-Wade: Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management

Kenisha Fondren: Center for Community Engagement

Erin Holmes: Pharmacy Administration

Jordan Hughes: Research Counsel for Public Interest (Civil Legal Clinic)

Tyrus McCarty: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Kendall McDonald: Office of Sustainability

Sarah Moses: Religion

Avery McNeece: Center for Community Engagement

Lauren Fortenberry: Luckyday Residential College

Jean Robinson: Office of International Programs

Jennifer Saxon: Athletics Student Development

Castel Sweet: Center for Community Engagement

Cade Smith: Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Alice Steimle: Center for Math and Science Education

Jocelyn Tipton: University Libraries

Kristine Willett: BioMolecular Sciences

Laura Martin: McLean Institute for Public Service and Community Engagement

Will Wilkins: Miss Law Research Institute

Bud Hamilton: Desoto Center School of Business