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Center for Community Engagement
University of Mississippi

Community Engaged Leadership Minor Governing Body

Appointed by the Provost with permission from their Dean and Department Chair, individuals from each school and college were selected to serve as representatives on the governing body for the Community Engaged Leadership Minor (CELM). Members of the governing body are responsible for identifying and developing appropriate processes for the Community Engaged Leadership Minor, including reviewing and approving courses that count towards the completion of the minor program requirements. Members of the governing body include:

Don Dyers (co-chair), College of Liberal Arts

Allison Ford-Wade (co-chair) School of Applied Sciences

Castel Sweet (minor director) Center for Community Engagement

Cade Smith Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Hannah Allen School of Applied Science

Karen Allison (MississippiCare) Community Partner Representative

Wayne Andrews (Yoknapatawpha Arts Council) Community Partner Representative

Jilkiah Bryant (senior, Public Health major) Undergraduate Student Representative

Kristin Cullen-Lester School of Business Administration

Jody Holland College of Liberal Arts

Jeff Jackson College of Liberal Arts

Christy Nielson School of Accountancy

Steven Skultety College of Liberal Arts

Joe Sumrall School of Education

Cris Surbeck School of Engineering