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Center for Community Engagement
University of Mississippi

Community Engaged Leadership Minor

The Community Engaged Leadership (CEL) minor is an interdisciplinary program that equips students with the skills to analyze and understand major problems and unrealized opportunities of our communities, explore their relationship to these problems and opportunities, imagine how to transform these problems, and doing meaningful work to improve our communities through a project co-designed with an off-campus partner. The minor provides an overview of how students can ethically and effectively partner with community-based organizations, orients students with theories of how change happens, introduces them to best practices for partnership, and culminates in a capstone project carried out in partnership with an off-campus community-based organization.

The community engaged leadership minor is an interdisciplinary minor consisting of 19 credit hours total. Students must take a core of seven hours. This includes a three-hour introduction to community engaged leadership course that has a required 1-hour lab section, as well as a three-hour capstone project course. Beyond the core courses, students must take an additional 12 hours of qualifying CEL courses.

Interested students can contact the Center for Community Engagement,, for additional information.


Community Engaged Leadership Minor Governing Body